What is SHANG MEDIA Partner program?

SHANG MEDIA is a platform that allows Video Creators to make money through Multi-Channel Network. As a Multi-Channel Network Operator, we source quality videos from South-East Asia and the rest of the world (except China). We collaborate with creators to monetize their content on various media platforms in China. We also source content from China and introduce it to the rest of the world. We do content production, WeChat technical development, brand marketing, multi-channel content operation, and public relations marketing.

What are the benefits of becoming SHANG MEDIA platform partner?

1. Generate income from video content on a profit-sharing basis (start from 30%) and purchase of copyrights.

2. Support for paying video contents’ China income tax

3. Fast and transparent monthly payout through Interbank transfer

4. Protect your video copyright with all our online media partners

5. Approach new or well-known brands to increase ad revenues

6. Assist to market and advertise quality content to increase CPM and revenues

7. Video production consultation services, video content development training, provide updates on latest online media policies and regulations in China

What are the basic requirements to join SHANG MEDIA platform?

1. The video content must follow Copyright and Community Guidelines

2. The video content are not offensive to viewers or any other channel

3. Your video channel has reached at least 100,000 views a month

4. SHANG MEDIA reserves the right to refuse any application without giving any reason.